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We believe that independence is key to being able to pursue your dreams and lead the life you wish for. We empower agents of change to learn, grow and prosper – so that they one day might drive development. Our strategy aligns with several of the UN Sustainable development goals.

We work with schools and project in India, Thailand, Kenya and Uganda and are continuously trying to create social impact to the best of our ability.

We have three main pillars that we focus our projects on: Education, entrepreneurship and microfinance. Our areas of focus have been chosen based on UN reports and the SDG’s.


We believe that quality education is a prerequisite for development – both on a personal level and in a social context. We provide access to education for those whose circumstances deny it


We offer entrepreneurial training to those who wish to learn how to build a thriving business. This enables them to become self-sustainable and make their own way in life.


Development is often hampered by a lack of access to fair financial services. That is why we offer entrepreneurial loans to those with a business with potential for growth. This helps to reduce inequality.

When you choose to support Periamma you will know where the money is spent, and be confident that you’re supporting sustainable development.

Slide INFORMATIVE We love what we do and we are always keen to tell our great stories. We communicate to our sponsors 3 times a year via our newsletter, and you can follow us on Facebook for the latest news from the projects. Slide TRANSPARENT Being small we are able to hold administration costs low. We take a standard 20% of a donation to ensure that running costs and development of new projects are covered – the rest goes directly to our projects abroad. Slide PERSONAL Periamma is a small non-profit organisation, and we take pride in what we do. Know that you can always get in touch with one of our staff members in Copenhagen – either via email, by phone orin person.
Meet Our Team
Periamma is a small non-profit organisation, and we take pride in what we do. Know that you can always get in touch with one of our staff members in Copenhagen – either via email, by phone or in person.
Ole Høyer
Chairman of the Board

Ole is the Founder and Chairman of Periamma. Besides Periamma, Ole is also the founder of 1 change. He is truly passionate about contributing on a global scale and making a difference for organizations, individuals and communities. Skilled in coaching, business development, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

Dunia Jørgensen
Project Manager

Dunia is our newest team member. Energetic, ambitious and committed to creating a better world, we are happy to have her on board. Dunia has experience in sustainability, design, humanitarian development, and management

Carsten J. Le Blond Willersted
Member of the Board & Country Director, Kenya

Carsten is our man on the ground in Kenya. He is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations, ensuring efficiency and continuous improvement. Carsten is driven by change and has contributed to a better Africa for more than 10 years.

Charlotte Weiss
Vice Chairman of the Board

Charlotte is an experienced manager and project lead, extensive experience in building & developing teams and managing teams through change. Always calm under pressure and ready to help where it is needed, Charlotte is the glue that hold everything together when there are deadlines closing in.

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Lotte Christina Breengaard
Board Member

Lotte has extensive experience with strategic management and project development. With Periamma she is determined to use her experience to make a difference where it really counts!

Lea Lønsted
Board Member

Lea brings the Periamma team personal experience from living and working in diverse cultural environments over the past 25 years. She has worked with Organisational Development, Diversity & Inclusion and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is keen on contributing to the Periamma projects across Africa and Asia.

Martin Bjergegaard
Board Member

Martin is a successful serial entrepreneur who has made great contributions to our work in India. Always carrying a big smile on his face, Martin is ready to help where it is needed and is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Sisse Willersted

Sisse is an enthusiastic and caring person who helps Periamma when our hands are full.

Sidsel Krarup Bjerrum
Ggaba Founder

Sidsel is the passionate founder of Support Disabled Children Ggaba in Uganda. A project that provides aid and shelter to 40 handicapped children and their families.

Prasanna Gandhi
Project Manager

Prasanna is our project manager in India, making sure that we have a local connection at all times. With Prasanna, we can develop fruitful projects at our school, Seva Mandir.