Corporate Sponsorship

We firmly believe that the best projects draw upon resources from a varied group of stakeholders. Our projects are built through partnerships with corporates, private or public funds, volunteers and other NGOs. Below you can see how different partnerships contribute to our projects.
Engage with us to find the CSR strategy that adds value to your company.

We are ready to help you find a solution that works for you – whether you want to keep it simple, or get involved in shaping it.

Do it right, and CSR has great potential value for your company, but you need to consider Relevancy, Purpose-Building and Business Integration.


Which type of business are you in and how does this connect with your CSR focus? If you pick a project seemingly at random, your employees will struggle with the Why. There are as many good causes as there are CSR projects – the important thing is to find a cause that links with your company profile.


Purpose is the new black – at least if you ask your employees. Making a difference in someone’s life is one of the best ways to demonstrate purpose. Engaging in a CSR project is a very tangible way of showing that your company cares, and that working there is something to be proud of.


If you really want to take the strategic approach to CSR, embed it within your company structures. Consider how and who you employ, how you grow as a team or how you expand into new markets. There are great cases out there that demonstrate what and how.


“I am a finance guy, and engaging in this project has really proven an amazing return on investment”

Stefano Mezzadri: Former CFO, Microsoft Denmark

We are always involved with projects in Kenya and India that improves the education for children who are less fortunate. Your corporation can have a great impact on these children and provide them with anything from a new football field to clean water.