Where does you donation go?

For all donations, we utilize 14% for administrative purposes
and 86% goes directly to support the local communities.

We aim at minimizing the administration share, and we are also realistic about the costs involved in administering funds to ensure best outcome. When you sponsor a child, you are committing to support the child’s community, in order to enable a fair distribution of wealth in the locations we support.

The 86%

We are committed to sending minimum 86% of donations directly to the sponsored child, or to local projects. The sponsored child is supported with education fees, uniforms, books and other school equipment necessary. In some exceptional cases or gifts added by sponsors, we also support the children in their daily life and the children’s family with food and basic equipment – where we evaluate necessary.


The 14%

We can’t run an NGO without a minimum base to support administration. We have volunteers working in the organization, however we have costs associated with securing compliance in our accounting, pay bank fees, phone, website, insurance etc. In 2020 we had an administration % of only 13% of donated funds which was an all time low, and very low among comparable NGO’s.

For residents or danish citizens with a CPR nr: Your donations to Periamma qualify to get tax deductions/”fradrag”, up to 17.200 DKK (in 2022). We can only report it if you have provided us with your CPR nr. If you are in doubt, please contact info@periamma.org. The membership fee of 100 DKK (in 2022) for all sponsors and support members are not tax deductible – see more at www.skat.dk

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