FAQ : Child Sponsorship

How often do I hear from my sponsor child?

As a child sponsor you can expect to hear from you sponsor child at least once a year.

If you feel that you haven’t heard back longer than that, please contact us so we can look into the case. Also note, that when you send gifts or letters to your sponsor child, you should always receive a letter back.

Why haven’t I heard anything from my sponsor child in a while?

While we do our best at ensuring that all our sponsors hear from their sponsor child regularly, it happens from time to time that a letter or picture goes amiss. If you think info is overdue, please contact us so we can investigate.

You can go directly to our contacts page here – but don’t forget to leave us your contact info/membership number so we can get back to you!

How do I contact my sponsor child?

You can always write you sponsor child. You do this by sending the letter directly to our partner organization in the country where your sponsor child lives. Always remember to note on the letter your Child/sponsor no.

This is the address you send the letters to:

Help Mission Development Services
Olive Inn Estate
Off Nakuru – Kabarak road. Plot no. 1/3927

International Care and Relief Foundation
140/45 Moo 13, Surin Prasat Rd.
Tamon Chaniang, Muang Surin District
Surin Province 32000

ABC Children’s Aid Uganda
Gayaza Road
P.O. Box 914

Can I send my sponsor child a gift for his/her birthday?

Yes you can. All you have to do is contact us first and foremost at info@periamma.org and we will coordinate the specifics. Our partners will then make sure to deliver the gift to your child. We ask our sponsors not to send money without prior coordination and notice.

Please note, that there are things our partner organizations do not accept. This include candy and large amounts of cash.

When you have coordinated to send your sponsor child a gift with us successfully, you can expect to receive a thank you note and pictures back from the child.