Jette Bennetzen

Jette became a volunteer in Periamma after being a long-time sponsor of Sharon in Kenya. She lives in Copenhagen and has children and grandchildren who are always nearby. Her main role as a volunteer is to lessen the administrative tasks where needed.

14 years ago Jette was a colleague of Carsten J. Willersted. Their paths parted then, but when Jette discovered ‘Facebook’, they reconnected. Jette retired but has extensive experience through her work in among others, ‘Landsforening Autisme’ and DR (Danmarks Radio) for 20+ years in different areas, e.g. directing production of “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix”. Prior to her work in TV she worked as a chef and loves to cook.

Currently Jette is calling around our sponsors to optimize the payments and get as many sponsors possible over to the card payment platform instead of the more costly PBS/deposit solutions. This helps Periamma reduce the admin cost.

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