New sponsorships for children in Thailand

Periamma visited our schools in Surin in northeastern Thailand in December 2021.

In Thailand, Periamma currently support 4 schools, and we can report that all the schools are well-functioning, even though one of them has been hit hard by the Corona pandemic. The children have access to computers, the school buildings are in good condition, and all the kids are well-equipped with school books, uniforms, experienced teachers, nice classrooms etc.)

The challenge that some of our students are facing is more on an emotional and mental level. When visiting the schools, we found out that 30% of the parents of the school children are divorced. The consequence of that is that the parents leave their children to live with grandparents or other family members. The parents then travel to larger cities to look for work and often ends up not coming back or staying in regular contact with their children.

This is obviously a big trauma for the children as they do not get the emotional support needed in order to thrive optimally when growing up. The teachers in our schools mentioned, that this affects the kid’s ability to function and to properly learn and develop in the school compared to the the other students.

In the coming years, Periamma has therefore decided to offer new sponsorships to those school children that do not live with their parents. You can see some of the children on the picture to the left. Should you feel inspired to become a sponsor for one of them, click DONATE on the upper right corner, and you can immediately suport and help one of the children. 

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