Our Purpose

Periamma is a Danish Charity that supports children, families and communities in Kenya, Uganda, India and Thailand.

Our purpose is to empower children, women and communities in need, to live an educated, autonomous and prosperous life.

Our organization mainly consists of professionals with corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds, who voluntarily dedicate time and resources to make a difference for approximately 4-5,000 children and their communities.

We believe that everyone has a voice, and always give space and opportunity to a sponsor, a child, an intern or a volunteer to impact and influence the projects we develop and deliver in our 4 countries.

We collaborate and co-create with local partners to ensure that we can implement fast and design solutions that are impactful and sustainable for the children and their communities.

At least 80% of the donations that we receive from families and corporate sponsors go directly to our children and their families.

We focus on 3 areas:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Partnerships

Education is where we invest most of our time. We truly believe that the education of children and women is the ground pillar in developing societies towards giving individuals and families the opportunities to live a better and more prosperous life.

Developing entrepreneurial skills is essential for our children, families and communities, to become self-sustainable. We invest in business education and building local businesses to ensure continuous development in the local communities where we are involved.

Our focus on partnerships is dual. Through corporate partnerships, we can build meaningful connections across borders, between corporations wanting to invest more purposefully and local communities in need. Our projects in local societies are always done in collaboration with local partners, to ensure that we avail local resources and help build capacity in the communities where we engage.

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