Freja Boe Møller

Freja is Periamma´s newest volunteer as she joined in November 2022. She currently lives in Aarhus, where she works full-time for a non-profit.

Freja holds a Bachelor´s degree in Intercultural Education and Danish as Second Language from the University of Southern Denmark and a Master´s degree in Korean Studies from Yonsei University in South Korea. Thus, she has experience in a variety of fields including history, culture, and communication as well as project and SoMe management.

Freja´s role is to help communicate our local stories and the identity of Periamma through social media and our website. She nurtures our current community of sponsors while also trying to find ways to attract new partners and sponsors for our projects and school children in Thailand, India, Kenya, and Uganda. Freja has a big passion for volunteering and making a change, so if you want to know more about how it is to volunteer at Periamma, feel free to get in touch with her!

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