Karmapa Center of Education in Himalaya, India

Karmapa Center of Education is a school founded by Tharje Dorje, H. H. The 17th Gyalma Karmpa. The school is unique in the sense that it combines 3 pillars:

1) Buddhist education

2) State-approved education

3) Holistic approach

The school currently have 40 children who are all from different populations of the Indian Himalayan region.

Once graduating, the students can choose between moving on to further education, beginning their working life or choosing a monastic path.

An important part of learning is the use of technology, and Karmapa Center of Education is therefore establishing a new technology centre at the school. They already have a room built for it, and also a commitment from Microsoft to deliver software and curriculum to train the students in the use of technology.

KCE’s values and visions are matching what we stand for here at Periamma.

Because of that, our founder and Chairman, Ole Høyer, went to India and visited KCE, in order to get a better understanding of how Periamma can help KCE to succeed with their goals.

From that meating, Periamma have decided to support KCE with several initiatives that you can read down below: 

New technology centre at KCE

Education oportunities for young children has always been a key priority at Periamma, and we agree with KCE that technology is an essential part of learning.

We are therefore supporting KCE, by fundraising money for their new technology center. The aim is to fundraise 10.000 euros that will support KCE with 20 computers and a projector for their technology centre.

New facilities for Education

Besides their already beautiful school facilities, KCE has ambitions of expanding the school facilities further.

We are therefore supporting KCE, by fundraising money for the construction of school facilities so that more himalayan children gets access to education.


If you wish to donate to the project, please click down below to visit our donation page. Make sure to choose facilities in India as the option. Thank you!

Want to support the project on an even bigger scale?

Contact Ole Høyer:


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